Scientific Name: Phoenix roebelenii


Common Name: Pygmy Date Palm

Full Grown: 8 -10 feet


Description: Pygmy Date Palm is extremely popular for its dwarfed size and slender form. This palm tree is considered the miniature species of the Phoenix family. The shapely trunk of Phoenix roebelenii curves slightly and the fronds arch gently to form a beautiful dark green crown. Phoenix roebelenii is naturally clustering in the wild, but also grows solitary in cultivation.


Origin: Northern Laos, Vietnam, Southern China


Climate: Pygmy Date Palm is not cold tolerant and needs frequent watering.


History: The epithet is a Latinized form of the German surname “Roebelin” and honors the man who first collected the species in Laos.

Sold As:

Single trunk     6 ft. thru 10 ft, trunks   $50.00   per palm

Double trunk    8 ft. trunks                   $100.00  per palm   

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