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Scientific Name: Phoenix canariensis

Common Name: Canary Island Date Palm

Full Grown: 60 – 70 feet overall

Description: This eye-catching palm is one that should be given considerable room to grow. Although it is very slow growing at first, the growth rate increases once the trunk reaches its full diameter. Its long, dark green palm fronds are spiny at the base and punctuated by clustering, golden fruits. Canary Island Date palms are solitary growing and widely cultivated throughout the world. Phoenix canariensis has proven to be hardy in inland districts, tolerating heat, frost, poor soil, and dry conditons.


Origin: Canary Islands

Climate: Freezing point is 18° F. Drought tolerant when established.

History: Phoenix is a Latinized form of the Greek word for “Date palm.” The epithet is Latin for “-of the Canaries.”

Phoenix canariensis
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