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Scientific Name: Phoenix dactylifera


Common Name: True Date Palm

Full Grown: 80 ft


Description: The True Date Palm has grey-green leaves and is famous for its edible fruit which are only produced in hot, dry climates. The particular variety of Phoenix dactylifera that we grow is Deglet Noor.


Origin: Syria, North Africa, Middle East


Climate: Date Palms are excellent coastal plants. Phoenix dactylifera (Deglet Noor) succeeds very well in hot, dry inland areas as well as cold-temperate regions (though flowers may rarely develop in colder climates).


History: The name dactylifera is thought to come from the Latin word for “finger” which may be a reference to the shape of the date fruit clusters.

Phoenix dactylifera
Phoenix dactylifera
Phoenix dactylifera
Phoenix dactylifera
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