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Scientific Name: Caryota mitis

Common Name: Fishtail Palm

Full Grown: May reach over 16 feet in warmer regions.

Description: This gentle garden palm is recognized by its clustering stems and bipinnate fronds with unusual leaflets resembling fishtails. Although each stem is monocarpic and dies after its fruit matures, the plant is long-lived because every stem is replaced by new basal shoots. Caryota mitis requires adequate drainage, rich soil, and plenty of water. Fishtail palms are fast growing and are especially responsive to nitrogenous fertilizers.

Origin: India – South-East Asia

Climate: Sufficiently cold-hardy.

History: Caryota is derived from the Greek word caryon, meaning “a nut”. Mitis is Latin for “mild”, “gentle”, or “unarmed”.

Fishtail Palm
Fishtail Palm
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