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Scientific Name: Cycas revoluta

Common Name: Sago Palm

Full Grown: 10 feet overall


Description: A medium-sized member of the cycad family, Cycas revoluta is the most commonly cultivated cycad in the world. Sago palm is immediately distinguishable by the strongly revolute, or backward bending, leaflets. Cycas revoluta is also the only species of cycad to have hairy seeds, which were once used as a food source by indigenous people. Male Sagos produce cones and females produce flowers. Sago Palms also grow pups that sprout out of the sides of the trunk. It must be noted that Sago Palms are not actually palm trees.

Origin: Japanese Islands

Climate: Temperate, subtropical, and tropical regions; Very cold-hardy.

History: Revoluta refers to the strongly revolute margins of the leaflets. Sago Palm is often referred to as the “King Sago.”

Sago Palm
Sago Palm
Sago Palm
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